How Can Your Union Serve You



How Can Your Union Serve You?




Your union now provides to all our financial members the best member benefits ever provided.

GROUP JOURNEY - covering a member to and from work

Covering our members directly to and from work
(Workers compensation does not cover you for this).

Benefits are your average weekly wage over the past 90 days or $1,200 whichever is lesser plus $5,000 funeral benefit in case of death .

Basic exclusion:  Suicide

EMERGENCY TRANSPORT -- to and from hospital for members and their immediate family

AMBULANCE EMERGENCY TRANSPORT SCHEME - Covering the cost of an Ambulance or emergency transport to the hospital or your choice in the event of an accident or illness.

Notable Exclusion:  Pregnancy and all related accidents and self harm (suicide)

Funeral Benefits - covering a member for funeral benefits up to an amount of $5,000.

This provides funeral benefits of up to $5,000 for the cost of a funeral or the amount charged by the funeral parlour, whichever is the lesser.

Your family has freedom of choice to choose your own funeral home.

No cost to your family in the event of misfortune resulting in the need for this benefit.

Basic exclusion:  Suicide

Financial members are automatically covered.  New members will have a 3 month qualifying period underwritten by a policy of insurance.  Policy conditions are available at your union office for inspection.


These schemes are underwritten by a policy of insurance.  All claims are subject to policy wordings and conditions.  Please click Policy Conditions to access and inspect policy.